Aims & Methods


The overall aim of this project is to deliver accurate and up to date bag statistics on huntable species in Europe, which can provide a tool for their management and conservation. To achieve this, we work towards 4 objectives:

  • Improve knowledge of and communication on existing bag statistics in Europe
  • Coordinate the collection of bag statistics firstly on the national, then on the European level
  • Raise awareness amongst hunters about the importance of collecting and then sharing data
  • Promote best practice in the collection of data


Initially Artemis will provide information on existing bag data collection schemes throughout the EU, with details of what is being collected, using which methodology, and by which organisations.

As expertise is gained through this process, and a network of experts is established, Artemis can move towards coordinated centralisation of bag data together with its analysis and interpretation.

Infoportal aims

This website brings together information on the collection of hunting bag data across the EU. It should be regarded as in constant evolution, and will be added to and developed as information becomes available.

  • Deliver access to the information collected about the bag schemes in 27 EU Member States
  • Report on the metadata using a set of simple output tools including tabular reports and maps,
  • Provide search tools to enable the search of the metadata by species and country
  • Provide concise information on huntable species in Europe